About Us

Mike Hanes, Make-It-Here’s founder, had a vision to provide a place where Creatives can…

  • pursue their dreams of making almost anything they can imagine (i.e., “It”)

  • congregate to share ideas and techniques

  • become a community of Makers

On January 1, 2017, Make-It-Here became the embodiment of Mike’s vision. Make-It-Here became that place where Creatives can…

  • achieve the knowledge and skill necessary to make “It”

  • have access to the tools and equipment necessary to make “It”

  • gather to learn, share, and become a community of Makers

Listen to Mike’s interview on starting up Make-It-Here. His interview by Enrique Sanchez is featured on a Converge Naperville podcast.

Mike & The Staff at

Mike Hanes, Founder


Mike started off his career as a high school industrial arts teacher. Mike’s inspiration was the shop teacher he had in high school – Mike believed that he could do a much better job teaching than that particular shop teacher. Although his career as a teacher was relatively short, Mike enjoyed seeing students learn along with those occasional “ah ha” moments. Mike moved on various manufacturing engineer positions for the next 30+ years designing, building, installing, programming, and testing equipment for production facilities. Mike was even involved with some upfront product designs to ensure that they were ergonomic and could readily be manufactured. With Make-It-Here, Mike has returned to his education origins by establishing an industrial grade maker space enabling people to learn and bring their own thoughts to fruition.

Mike is usually assisting members throughout the Make-It-Here facility.

Abel Garcia


“The design and manufacturing aspect of creating things has always caught my interests. From disassembling things to starting things from scratch, there’s nothing like making something with your own hands. Whether it’s with wood, metal, or any other material, the possibilities are endless! The entire process of making something always offer new lessons.”

Abel can often be found in the metal shop, often using the Tormach, when not assisting members.

Jeremy Slavkin


Jeremy majored in architecture from the University of Michigan. His interests include baking and play board games with his two children.

Jeremy can often be found in the design lab helping others with or working on creations made using the laser engraver. 


Mike likes to greet people new to Make-It-Here and give them a tour when he’s not busy helping others.


5225 Thatcher Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515