Electronics Lab


Our electronics lab features Raspberry Pi and Arduino stations, test equipment, and a solder station, in addition to hand tools.


Raspberry Pi & Arduino Stations - SOLD


We have a Raspberry Pi A+ w/USB hub with Wifi adapter & breakout cable to a proto board set up and ready to try, along with a Pi Zero W. For Arduinos, we have an Uno, a Mega, & a Mini Pro (with comm board). Also, we have proto boards and jumpers and sample sensors (IR, Temp., Humidity, Hall Effect, Ultrasonic, etc.)

Test Equipment


Fluke Multimeter, Variable Power Supplies (from 0-10vdc to 0-60vdc), HP Audio Oscillator, among other test equipment are available for use by members.

Hand Tools & Soldering Station


A Variable Temp Soldering Iron, various hand tools including screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, strippers, and crimpers are available for members to use.

Components & Parts

A variety of components and parts are available for members to use for their projects.


Did you know that many of the elements within the Challenge Accepted escape rooms were built at Make-It-Here? In fact, everything in the Villain’s Lair was built at Make-It-Here. It looks like some more elements are being made right now.


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