Make-It-Here is friends with a number of local MakerSpace communities.

Fox.Build can be called many things: it’s a collaborative workspace, occasionally called a co-working space, makerspace, hackspace or social club, located in the heart of downtown St. Charles, Illinois. is a great place to work, especially if you typically work from home and feel like you’re missing the sense of community you might find at a traditional office. We’re a friendly bunch and are always looking for new members. Feed your creativity; make a new thing or improve an old one; just have a space to work on your business, your hobby, or your passion.

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hub88 is a technology acceleration center serving northern Illinois. Drawing from the rich technology, science, and industry along the Illinois I-88 corridor, hub88 serves to integrate the regional commercial, education, and entrepreneurial communities to discover, build, test and commercialize emerging technologies and services.

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Workshop 88 is a hackerspace (also known as a makerspace) located in Chicago’s western suburbs. Focused on science, technology, mechanics, culture and the digital arts we offer a space where people with diverse backgrounds can socialize, collaborate, learn and make.

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Workshop 88

One of the monthly “What Ya Workin’ On” community meetings at Make-It-Here.

5225 Thatcher Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515