Principals of Safety

We wish to ensure, and ask you to

assume responsibility for:

1. Your Own Safety:


  • Give the work and the tool your undivided attention

  • One and only one person should operate a machine and must attend it while running

  • Operate machinery with a clear mind, never while fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs


  • Wear ANSI Z87 safety glasses or goggles at all times in the Wood and Metal shops

  • Wear hearing and breathing protection as appropriate to the work environment

  • Do not operate rotating machinery while wearing long sleeves, gloves, loose jewelry, loose long hair, neckties, hoodie strings or anything which may be caught and draw you into the machine

  • Wear closed toed footwear in the Wood and Metal areas

Ask for Help

  • If you are not familiar with a machine, operation or tool

  • Handling long, large, or heavy materials

  • Seek first aid immediately for any injury


2. The Safety of those around you:

Sharp Tools - Because Dull Tools

  • Are inefficient

  • Can pose a fire hazard

  • Have a higher likelihood of ejecting material from the work area

Safe Materials

  • Do not bring toxic, flammable, explosive, or radioactive materials

  • Do not use materials which may become dangerous when machined or heated


  • Allow others to give their work their undivided attention

  • Do not tap people on the shoulder

  • Move into others’ line-of-sight before attempting to attract their attention

  • Stay clear of areas where others may move unexpectedly without checking for your presence

  • Give warning before making sudden loud noises


3. The Safety and health of the tools:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

  • Consult machine manuals for additional information


  • Use only tools you have been authorized to use through the Make-It-Here check-out procedure

Check and Report

  • Inspect machinery before using to ensure it is in proper working order

  • Consult staff if unsure about anything

  • Immediately report if something breaks​


Be polite and professional in all interactions at Make-It-Here, particularly

when giving or receiving feedback about safety.

Download our Principals of Safety:


Yes, Make-It-Here really does have a First Aid kit hanging on a wall. It’s in the metal shop next to the passage to the wood shop.


Thanks to the folks at Maker Works, Ann Arbor, MI for the thoughts and a great deal of the wording used for our Principals of Safety.

5225 Thatcher Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515